Friday, May 01, 2009

I could relate to the following poem by Leslie Kissire...the words put everything into perspective and spoke to my heart.  I truely hope that I can express how grateful I am for everything my parents have done for me - each and every day!

by Leslie Kissire

If I could give you diamonds

for each tear you cried for me

If I could give you sapphires

for each truth you’ve helped me see.

If I could give you rubies

for the heartache that you’ve known

If I could give you pearls

for the wisdom that you’ve shown

Then you’ll have a treasure, mother,

that would mount up to the skies

That would almost match

the sparkle in your kind and loving eyes

But I have no pearls, no diamonds,

as I’m sure you’re well aware

So I’ll give you gifts more precious

my devotion, love and care

"Tell your mother [father] something good that you just did for others due to her influence and guidance. It isn't easy developing the character of a child and when a mom sees a seed she planted bloom, it is one of her greatest rewards!," Leslie White.

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