Saturday, January 09, 2010

Do you have a favorite pair of scissors that no longer cuts well or a paper punch that sticks?

You can now revitalize them with this treatment...

Inspired Crafts - Cutter Glide!

It will keep all your cutting tools sharp and help them last longer. It’s so quick and easy – simply clean with the tool cleaner and then brush on the Cutter Glide™ solution and let dry. Your tool will be good to go. Solvent-free and environmentally safe, Cutter Glide™ will bond to almost any material. It forms a durable coating that reduces friction and wear, so that your tools last longer. 0.5 oz. bottle of Cutter Glide™ has brush in lid.You will also find a 1 oz. bottle of tool cleaner. Perfect for scissors, craft punches, die cutters, and more. Comes complete with instructions and enough solution to revitalize many tools. You will be amazed at the results!

Thank you Chick and Vicky for letting me know about this awesome product!! 

Click HERE  for more info from Chit Chat from Chick.

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  1. This stuff does really work! I use Cutter Glide not only on scissors, but my die cuts too and die cutting tools and they cut more precise than ever before! Thanks for the post.



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