Friday, February 12, 2010

Currie is our new designer !

I wanted to announce that Currie has agreed to become one of our designers. You will be able to see her creations here.  On Monday, we will start to post her projects.  The other designers are very happy to have her on board, we loved her cards and I think you will too.  I asked Currie to introduce herself, and this is what she wrote.

I really wouldn't know what to write when it comes to the introduction thing. I started making cards with my daughters (9 and 4 years old) as just something fun for us to do together and ended up loving it. I'm a stay at home mom and my husband says I live in my own world. I tend to think that's funny not bad.
Mike is my husband, we have been married 13 years. Madison (9) and Allison (4) are our daughters. Madison is all about rules and being good, Allison is just the opposite. They both are great at art. Allie once drew a perfect self portrait on her stomach with a permanent marker. I love being home with them (even on their worse days). Once in a great while my mom will watch the girls but its rare. I figure if anyone is going to screw them up it's going to be me! Mike works for M. L. Chariter. They do everything from clean up contaminated spills to drill oil wells. We laugh alot and try to find humor in almost everything. I don't like stuffy or up tight, it makes me uncomfortable. Our dog's name is Izzy. She is a chihuahua mixed with a yorkie.

I wish you a wonderful day!!!

Currie Churchill

Don't forget to check back starting Monday, to check out Currie's card creations !!

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