Sunday, April 18, 2010

Directions for Currie's Pocket Card

Directions to fold the pocket card:
Cut a sheet of double sided card stock to 11 X 11

Step 1:
Fold in half-5 1/2 and crease.

Step 2:
Open and fold in hald the other way. Now you will have the cs folded in quarters.

Step 3:
Cut on one of the creases. To cut a straight line, I put my paper in the corner of my Scor-Pal and used my Tim Holtz ruler because the ruler fits in the Scor-Pal. I cut the line up to 5 1/2.

Step 4:
Fold the upper left corner (the corner above the cut). I folded it at 3 1/2 on the Scor-Pal using (what I call my corner tool) to get the fold straight. You can make this fold as big or small as you wish. This is the plain color tab on the card.

Step 5:
Flip the cs over and fold the bottom right corner to the center where the two creases meet.

Step 6:
Turn the cs back over so the smaller fold is in the upper left corner.
Fold the left side over to the right.

Step 7:
Fold the bottom of the card over the top of the card.

Step 8:
Fold the left flap under the card.

Step 9:
You can either glue the back flap to the card and only use the front for tags and/or cards or you can also use the inside of the card for more messages.

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