Thursday, January 27, 2011

Liquid Pearls and Glue Dots

What do you get when you add Ranger's Liquid Pearls and Glue Dots?
Your own adhesive Pearls!
Have you ever wanted to add a pearl to one of your projects and didn't have the color you need or maybe not the size you need? Or have you ever wanted to add a pearl with Ranger Liquid Pearl's and didn't want to wait until it dries?  Now you can make them and use them when you need them.
This is Ranger's new Liquid Pearls that round at the top to look just like a pearl.

This is the package of Mini Glue Dots
This is the package of the Micro Glue Dots
These are the Mini Glue Dots. They come in sheets that you can tear apart.
You put Ranger's Liquid Pearls right on top of the glue dot.
And now, you have your own adhesive pearls!



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