Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Rubber Stamp Events Convention in Milwaukee

Hi blog friends!
I wanted to share with you what a great time we had last Sunday!
A bunch of us stampers jumped into the vans on Sunday and headed to Rubber Stamp Events convention in Milwaukee at the State Fair Grounds. It was a 2 day event but we went Sunday, since this girl had to work at her own rubber stamp store. From the very beginning it was wonderful. It was very easy to get to the Fair Grounds, to get parked and get into the event. It was only 5.00 to park, but all of us girls split it and it was well worth it knowing not anyone can drive through the parking lot. I felt my van was safer than in a hotel parking lot. The parking was such that we didn't have to walk very far to get to the door-another bonus.
And when we walked in the door...WOW!
Being a stamper and a vendor, I noticed how well it was layed out.
I loved that it so ROOMY! It made you feel more comfortable that you wouldn't be belly or butt bumping other stampers that are trying to look at stamps. I loved it! 
Here take a look.
Look how much room there is to shop.
NOTE: I took these pictures only 10 before closing so I could show you how much room there was between the booths and in the isles for looking and ease of shopping.
All the vendor were very friendly and answered all of your questions. Here is Darlene from Stampland giving a demo with Marvy Inks and her stamps. She gave her cards to the stampers to take home. Thank you Darlene, they are beautiful.
They are so beautiful.

 Here is Barbara from Stampa Barbara (Stamp A Mania)giving another demo. She was showing a brayer technique.

So many stamps, So many samples!
Here is the card I made at the Paper Cut's booth. They had a hugh booth with any kind of paper you needed or wanted. I did take a picture but it was blurry. Sorry Sarah.
Isn't this a cute card! This is the front folded up.
This is the card opened up.
Here it is flat. Cute.
But again, look at all of the room. It was just so comfortable.
Everyone had big shopping bags. Whoo hoo new fun stuff!
Oh yes, and there were other products.
If you were looking for it, it was probably here.

 Head spinning with all of these stamps? Need a doctor?
Well, here is the The Stamp Doctor with some more stamps.
Just what the doctor ordered.

 On the way out the door, I had to show again how much space. I have a problem with close spaces so this was important for me.
And yes, we had 'too much fun'.
 Here is the booth for Too Much Fun, and their stamps are fun.
I hope to see you next year!
Another note: They served a good varity of food right there and a lot of places to sit. 
Here is a link to Rubber Stamp Events web site: http://rubberstampevents.com/
Here is a link to their fb:

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