Sunday, May 26, 2013

Happy Memorial Day

First, thank you to all of the vets for our freedom.
 Vicky here today and I hope everyone has a happy and safe Memorial Day.
This is a card I made for my daughter's boyfriend, Matt. He spent 15 months in Iraq. We will be going over to their house for a cookout later today. It's a BYOBM~Bring Your Own Beer & Meat. Here in WI. I do a lot of cookouts while we can. Usually the cookouts are BYOB.
I found this pin in one of my drawers, amazing what I find in there.
This is a custom stamp John made for me for this card for Matt.
If you would like one, just email John at Crackerbox here, or



  1. Vicky, your card is beautiful. :) The sentiment is perfect. It would be great to be used for the Any Hero part of Operation Write Home!

    1. Karen, I think you are right, might have to look into that.



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