Sunday, October 20, 2013

Button, Button, Who's Got The Button from Karen Schroeder

Vicky here to share a birthday bucket that Karen Schroeder did for a Stickles Hop. I love using Stickles and have for years, it is just so easy to add glitter using Stickles.  If you want to join the Hop go to Karen's blog here and you may win.
This is what Karen writes:

Buttons are fabulous embellishments to all types of craft projects, and what better than to spruce them up with some Stickles?!
Hi All!  Come visit my blog!  I made a Happy Birthday Treat Bucket for the All That Stickles Button Bonanza Blog Hop!
To be safe, only place wrapped food items in mini paint buckets.  Okay, now to the fun stuff...the buttons!  I rubbed the Stickles into the buttons while the shank was still attached...easier to set down to dry.  In the outer circle I used Burgundy, True Blue, Glam Pink, Midnight Blue, Purple, Firefly, and Orange Peel.  For the other buttons, including the one on the mini card, I used Ice Stickles-Crystal Ice!  The lid with covered by some tie-dyed sticky back fabric.   Once the buttons were dry, I cut the shanks off and attached them with Glue Dots.
I just love the Happy Feet (large) and Feet Flower stamps from Crackerbox Palace!  They remind me of life in college.   The Happy Birthday 1 stamp is also from them.  If I could have found it, I would have used their Back on Your Feet stamp and made this a Get Well bucket!   The Happy Feet and Back on Your Feet stamps are perfect for Get Well cards!  Now I just have to find it...or buy one and of course, then find it!
Adding the ribbons took the longest time to do, but it is so worth it.  When I tie ribbons I do not cut pieces and then tie them.  What I do is tie the ribbon while having one side attached to the roll.  It saves ribbon and it is much easier to least it is for me.  I also tied the ribbons one at a time (rather than a few together) in double knots.  
I hope you enjoyed my project!

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