Saturday, February 20, 2010

Currie's Birthday Star

Currie made this card with our friend Spot and the Happy Birthday.  She cut out the star with the Wild Card cartidge from Cricut. I like the was she hand stitched around the outer edge. An added embellishement without ribbon.  She also used the Copic markers and Prismacolor watercolored pencils.  The dots around the star were made with a gen pen.  I think this would make such a great card for any age guy, short one or tall one! 

I think this is just a great card!

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  1. Hey guys, I can comment again - blogger have fixed the issues.
    I would like to say thanks for my voucher, and the stamps arrived safely. I had to buy a few more too of course. I have the doggie stamp, love him and this card is great. I am in the process of mounting on EZ and then trying to stamp them on a sheet to laminate, scan the sheet for my "catalogue" so I can find the stamp I want right away.

    Cazzy x



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