Thursday, April 12, 2012

Butterfly Thank You

The envelope also has the saying stamped on it with dusted pink ink on the corner and the punched butterflies are also glued on the envelope.
The printed paper is only half the size of the card.
Punch the printed paper at the size you want the top part of the card.
Using the same punch, punch one edge of the colored card stock.
When you glue the printed paper on the card, only glue the top part of the printed paper to the top of the card. Slip the pink card stock under the punched edge of the printed paper.
The bottom of the printed paper, turn the printed paper around so the punched edge is hid under the pink.
The Thank You is stamped with Crackerbox stamp.
The buterflies are punched out of scrap from the printed paper.
There are large pearls next to the saying and smaller pearls on the pink card stock on the punched area.

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