Friday, November 29, 2013

Fun cards from Suzy

I have some card to share with you.
Suzanne is a stamper I met when we were in Mesa, AZ. Since then she has shared some cards with me that she has made. It has been so much fun, Suzy has such a good sense of humor. I remember her smiling and laughing when she was at our booth and she likes to share the smiles by the cards that she makes.  Her line of cards are 'So Suzy' and she calls them 'snarky' which I think is a great description for them.
I wanted to share this one first since it is so bright. (I hope she doesn't mind I am sharing this) Suzy wrote to me:  I figured having some bright and cheeriness in December would be a good thing.
And isn't she right? This is just one card she will be doing in her class tomorrow.
To check out her fb page go here.
The stamps she used on the outside of her cards are not Crackerbox's stamps, but the saying she used on the inside is.
 Here are some more cards that she has made.
To check out how she made the background with Liquid Pears, check out her fb page.
The inside of the card. All of these images are Crackerbox Palace stamps.
Here is another great card. We have the fisherman, but the single fish are not ours. I think any guy would like getting this card.
I hope you have enjoyed the card Suzy made, I certainly  have.


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  1. Thank you so much for sharing the cards, Vicky!!! I am so glad you enjoy them and I am having an ABSOLUTE ball making them and I know my customers LOVE buying them! LOL So it's a win-win-win!



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