Tuesday, May 19, 2015

It's Good To Be The King

Hi Friends, Vicky here today. With Father's Day coming up I did a CAS card.
We have some 40+ new stamps. John just pressed one of the plates and I had to share 2 of the stamps with you today.
King Louie talked (demanded, as kings do) to me and said he wanted to be the first to be stamped. Do you hear your stamps talking to you too? LOL. Well, he was inked and so was his saying. I made him into a Father's Day card here. He was so happy to be inked, I made 2 others that I will share later. Oh, our new Queen Of Everything is on one of the cards (she also was demanding  that she wanted to be inked too).
He is not on the web site, he is that new. You will need to email me.

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