Sunday, November 15, 2009

It's been one of those days with shark

I know this card is different than the ones you usually see or will see here, but when John found the image of the shark, I throught of Kevin's card from Stampscapes right away.  I have been wanting to do this card for a while and thought I would just do it. I know it is a little different for a card, but oh well... Again, the Stampscapes stamps are so easy and fun to work with I hope you have been able to enjoy some of them.

Kevin Nakagawa of Stampscapes Rubber Stamps [owner].
Spellbinder: Large and Small labels

Shark ...JawsOwl ...Rena's Owl Akilan  and Saying ...All Week
Are Crackerbox Palace rubber stamps.

You can purchase our stamps as just rubber, on cling foam or wood mounted.


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  1. Isn't this the truth...LOL. I feel this way often. Isn't funny that we have so much to do and so little time that we forget to enjoy the moment. The older I get the more I am planning less and trying to enjoy life more which doesn't mean "doing more." Enjoy your grandson - I know I enjoy mine. OH - I originally wanted to tell you I'm glad you got time to do this card. It is so funny!



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